Team Selection Trials 28 Apr - 1 May 2023

The IOCA UK Team Selection Trials 2023 are being held at the Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy on the 28 April - 1 May 2023. Sailors are selected at this event to represent Great Britain at the Optimist World and European Championships, as well as our Development Teams in 2023.

Official Safety Groups (OSR)

The sailors are divided into groups and allocated to a Official Saftey RIB (OSR) The OSR will privide support to sailors in between races. ThE OSR will have a coloued flag displayed.

Event Schedule

The event runs from Friday 28 April to Monday 1 May. Event Schedule.


Twelve (12) races are scheduled for the event.

The schedule will be as follows:

Friday 28th April 2023 

Registration                 08:30 to 09:30

Friday 28th April 2023

First Warning Signal not before 11:55 

Saturday 29th April 2023

First Warning Signal 10:55 

Sunday 30th April 2023 

First Warning Signal 10:55 

Monday 1st May 2023

First Warning Signal 10:55


On Monday 1st May 2023 there will be no warning signal after 15:00 hours

Event Team 

The Selections 2023 Event Team is made up of venue volunteers, non-parent volunteers and parent volunteers. To run an efficient event it is best that volunteers sign up for at least two consecutive days. Have a look at the Volunteer Sign Up sheet, select a role and sign up. If you would like to volunteer to join the safety boat fleet, please register interest on the links posted on the safety fleet Whatsapp group, or contact 

Pre-event Measurement

All sailors need to declare the equipment to be used during the event by completing the form at by 26 April 2023. To do this you will need your sail button number and the serial numbers of spars and foils as well as the date of your last buoyancy test. They are on the equipment itself, the measurement certificate and on the Measurement Record of Equipment Used (MRE) form.
More information on measurement can be found at

Official Documents

IOCA(UK)/GBR 2023 Teams Selection Policy

The IOCA UK Major Event Instructions 2023 (MEIs)

IOCA UK Team Selection Trials 2023 Notice of Race (NOR)

IOCA UK Team Selectiuon Trials 2023 Supplementary Sailing Instructions

These Race Management Policies are guidelines for how the Race Management Team will run the racing.

Parents and coaches are politely reminded of the IOCA(UK) Code of Conduct

Team Fact Sheets and Participation Contracts - please read these carefully before attending the trials.

IOCA UK Teams Information 2023

Worlds Team 2023 Fact Sheet

Europeans Team 2023 Fact Sheet

Development Team 1 - 2023 Fact Sheet

Development Team 2 - 2023 Fact Sheet

Development Team 3 - 2023 Fact Sheet

Worlds Team 2023 Participation Contract

Europeans Team 2023 Participation Contract

Development Team 1 - 2023 Participation Contract

Development Team 2 - 2023 Participation Contract

Development Team 3 - 2023 Participation Contract


Campervan bookings at WPNSA

To book a campervan pitches at WPNSA for the IOCA UK Team Selection Trials 2023 go to the online booking




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