Rolling Ranking Policy

2024 IOCA Rolling Ranking policy

The Ranking List will be a Rolling Ranking with points calculated using the sum of a sailor’s best 4 scores (determined in accordance with the provisions set out below) from each of the last 5 Ranking Events which meet the required criteria.

The Main Fleet results from the following Ranking Events will be used to produce the Ranking List.

Should there be fewer than 3 races sailed at a Ranking Event then that sailor’s score will be discarded, such that the ranking is then based on the best 3 scores from the same 5 events. As one event is included in the Ranking List so the previous year’s event is dropped - for example as the 2024 Spring Championships is included, so the 2023 Spring Championships is dropped.

At the end of each Ranking Event, the overall finishing position will be adjusted to remove all ineligible sailors (e.g. overseas sailors) and the resulting score entered onto the Ranking List so that sailors may check their position before the next Ranking Event. Individual race results will not be re-scored after ineligible sailors are removed. A sailor’s finishing position in the Nationals will be taken from within their fleet (Junior Main or Senior Main).

DNC at a Ranking Event will be scored on the Ranking List as the total number of sailors on the Ranking List +1, not the DNC score for that individual Ranking Event. 

In the event that sailors are tied on points in the final Ranking List, the low points scoring system will be used (RRS Appendix A8)

In the event that a sailor is unable to attend a Ranking Event due to a clash with a major international competition where their attendance has been sanctioned by the IOCA (UK) Selectors, the ranking will include an average points score for that event. The average will be calculated from the points which were included in the sailor’s ranking score before the current ranking event, adjusted to account for the size of the fleet in the current event.

In the event that an overseas member subsequently joins the Class as a regular member (and becomes ordinarily resident in the UK) then they will be included in the Ranking List and all of their scores from earlier ranking events will be included.

After the 1st January each year, all sailors who are Optimist age 16 will be removed from the Ranking List.

IOCA(UK) Committee and Chair of the Selection Committee, 17 Jan 2024

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